About Wisconsin Fish Decoy Carver Rodney Podd

Rodney Podd from Milwaukee, Wisconsin has been carving fish decoys since 1995. He became interested in fish decoys while attending a National Fishing Lure Collector’s Club show. He’s had training as an artist and has carved with the well known Lac du Flambeau carver John Snow. Rodney’s work shows the John Snow influence and some of it reflects the traditional styling of the Lac du Flambeau fish. In other cases his fish are true working folk art and show his own interpretation of a fish species. All of his fish decoys are leaded and balanced in a method taught to him by Wisconsin Native Americans.

Influenced by many traditional carving styles, Rodney creates his own original decoys. His fish range in size from 2 ½” to 12”. Most of his fish are carved from basswood, but he has also used butternut, cherry, walnut and pine. Metal (mainly copper) or tin fins and glass or tack eyes finish the fish, along with his unique, flawless and detailed paint jobs make his fish stand out. They are all made individually, so no two are exactly alike. His fish are in collections throughout the country and on various limited edition prints. He is included in Robert Slade’s book “The History & Collectible Fishing Tackle of Wisconsin”. Rodney is a member of the  Wilson Park Carving Club. He has expanded his carving to include folk art fish lures, sturgeon coaxers, and decorative folk art carving.

This photo shows Rodney’s Small Mouth Bass Plaque in a Wilson Park Carving Club display. Row 4 last on the right.